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From Stephanie 
Northern Ireland

Dear friend
I am writing to let you know that through the Sustainable Farming, we have a solution to help balance our local ecosystems and a scalable model of farming that could help us solve the climate crisis. 

Everything is connected, and in need of balance and we need to change the systems that are taking too much from the land without replenishment.

We can prevent further global temperature change through our actions today. 

Kind Regards 
Steph xx 
If we get the soil right, we can fix a lot of our issues.

Healthy soils lead to a healthy plant. Healthy plant, healthy animal, healthy human, healthy water, healthy climate. 
Soil Health Carbon Sequestration
Ray Archuleta - Conservation Agronomist, Kiss the Ground
At Farming Carbon, we've a solution for climate change that will benefit our local biodiversity and rural economy, and we want to give you credit for it.
All you have to do is join us. 
Our world is changing & we, you & I, need to act now. We will be responsible for the world we leave to our future generations and we want to empower you to have the most magnificent impact. 

How will we save the world together? 
Through Sustainable Farming, through research, systemisation and scaling of the best practices and making the knowledge available to the international farming community so that we can start to tackle global climate change together.

To help make you decision to take action as easy as possible we have made our membership available for as low as £5. 
That is less than a pint, less than a coffee and chocolate bar. 
 What is Farming Carbon? 

We are an online membership supporting environmental innovation through farming. 

Who are we?
Farming Carbon

What we do?
Regenerative Agriculture 
Why we started FC?
To help mitigate climate impact 
Who is this for?
Anyone with a vested interest in the furture.
Carbon Drawdown Sequestration

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Carbon Efficiency Guide
Your Mortgage’s Carbon Footprint is bigger than your Dog’s

 & other practical comparisons to change the weather. 

The Carbon Footprint of Everything - from the food we consume, to major life events 

& how you can make practical steps to reduce your carbon impact on the climate. 
 Easy & Quick Guide 
 Simple to implement 
 Available to download - follow the link

Our Accreditations

Among other industry Certifications & Awards we have been acknowledged as a Benchmark Farm for Innovation & Conservation. 

Products & Resources:
Drawdown - Paul Hawken. 
On Amazon
On Care For Our Common Home - Pope Francis - Free Download
Regeneration - Paul Hawken.
On Amazon
Why Bother - Michael Pollan
Upcoming Products:
A practical guide to becoming environmentally impactful
How Regenerative Agriculture could apply in your garden
Why arguing in the comments is just another form of distraction
A day in the life both of our farmer & our agronomist 

How can you get involved? 

Subscribe for less than the price of a coffee & a scone to start making a real difference to our future. 

What Difference would it make?

Some of the Benefits of taking Action Today 

Aligns with almost all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reduce atmospheric carbon
Most green initiatives are alternatives that will remove future carbon. This model of farming reduces present & historic carbon dioxide from the air.
Cleaning the air would have a positive impact on human health.

Increase biodiversity
Local, native birds, mammals. We are a conservation grade farm.
Support survival of rapidly-reducing bugs and insects; they're essential in the diets of bats, birds and mammals
Protected species have a safe space.

Food security
Increase productivity of the soil
Increase food quality through minimisation of chemicals
Increase vitality of livestock through healthier diet

Economic impact
Support an increasingly unprofitable but essential industry
Innovate and invest in R&D in a traditionalist industry
Work with government bodies to realise benefits for whole industry and wider community

Why should you work with us? 

Farming Carbon is run by An Innovative Farmer who

 Has been working with an agronomist to maximize the health of his soil and ecosystems for years

 Is an engineer and solution focused environmentalist who has grown a successful wind and solar energy company

 Is farming the land his father farmed before him, and integrates the efficiency of modern technology with an intuitive knowledge of how to interact with the land there.

 Works collaboratively and knowledge shares with industry bodies and government departments.

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How can you get involved? 

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