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Among other industry Certifications & Awards we have been acknowledged as a Benchmark Farm for Innovation & Conservation. 

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Products & Resources:
Drawdown - Paul Hawken. 
On Amazon
On Care For Our Common Home - Pope Francis - Free Download
Regeneration - Paul Hawken.
On Amazon
Why Bother - Michael Pollan
Carbon Efficiency Guide
Your Mortgage’s Carbon Footprint is bigger than your Dog’s

 & other practical comparisons to change the weather. 

The Carbon Footprint of Everything - from the food we consume, to major life events 

& how you can make practical steps to reduce your carbon impact on the climate. 
 Easy & Quick Guide 
 Simple to implement 
 Available to download - follow the link
Upcoming Products:
A practical guide to becoming environmentally impactful
How Regenerative Agriculture could apply in your garden
Why arguing in the comments is just another form of distraction
A day in the life both of our farmer & our agronomist 

How Does This Work?

If we get the soil right, we can fix a lot of our issues.

Healthy soils lead to a healthy plant. Healthy plant, healthy animal, healthy human, healthy water, healthy climate. 
Ray Archuleta - Conservation Agronomist, Kiss the Ground
Soil Health Carbon Sequestration
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